THE FLIPPED PIECE is the crazy idea of a lockdown breakdown! Being a creative person, trapped in a non-creative job, I knew it was time to make a flip on my career path. I have always grown up within a creative household and have learned tips and tricks from my family along the way. With a real interest in furniture and restoration, however I'm no wood worker type, I took it upon myself to teach me how to flip pieces! I wanted to find furniture that had a hard life and has imperfections and find the beauty within them. I wanted to makeover pieces that looked tired, worn and desperately needed some love. Painting and expressing myself via furniture makeovers was my inner art. I researched, I practiced, I made mistakes, I had epic flips and flops but all along I knew this was my passion. Low and behold, THE FLIPPED PIECE was born. Now, it's about time we all get our paint brushes out and recreate our old pieces into something flippin' fabulous!
shay alnwick